Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

We were cuddling on the bed, Dom reached for my phone to take an after-sex selfie of us. We ended up taking a dozen photos, both of us bare-chested, his hands cupping my breasts. It was fun, and I was actually quite surprised by his gesture. Well, we do sent nude selfies to each other all the time, but we rarely take photos of ourselves when we're together and whenever we did, I was the one who initiated it. To date, we only have 30+ photos together (yeah I just counted, lol), half of which is NSFW. I wish I could post the photos up, we look good together!

Dom received a phone call from Dentist earlier today. Dentist had never called when Dom was at work, and this exception today was owed to that woman whom Dentist now referred to as "psycho bitch". Apparently she really meant it when she said she would make it public— she called the hospital Dentist works at and made a complaint about Dentist's engagement in paid sex. Realizing she wasn't just making empty threats, Dom called Peter to give him a heads up, since she also threatened telling Peter's wife. Gosh, the price you pay messing with the wrong bitch!

When we're at McDonald's, I jokingly reminded Dom that if he ever does me wrong, I hold plenty of physical proofs that I could use to blackmail him. He acted shocked in a playful manner, grabbed my phone and said he should delete the album. I told him to go ahead since I have another copy on my laptop. He squinted and asked if I would really consider using them against him. I said that if I were to, I could have done so when I discovered that I had been lied to about his marital status.

I think the realization that I can revoke the power I have surrendered at any time and the glimpse of my vindictive side made Dom a little wary. He should be. I would be if I were him. I think that fear makes him even more drawn to me. Sick, but I like it. I love knowing how to handle my men.

Was that why Dentist was drawn to that woman? He already knew that she was trouble and could have quit before things escalated this far, but he didn't. He just couldn't help himself. Perhaps sociopathy is fatal attraction to men like them, men bored with routine and predictability in life.

♪ ♫ Boys only want love if it's torture | Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn you ♩ ♬

I remember reading an article by Zita Law, something along the lines of, if you are in love with someone, you should find yourself a little afraid of them. I find that very true.

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