Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hi, my name is Victoria

I have been meaning to write here regularly since I announced the move on my old blog, and after procrastinating for 4 fucking months, I finally managed to let go of my high expectations of how this blog should be like, and force myself to just fucking start writing already.

I've decided that this blog is not for show anyway, it's for my alter ego Victoria.

The alias Victoria first came up when I created my OkCupid account a few years ago. It then became the name I introduced myself as when I joined other the apps/sites of similar nature and when I met up with connections I made via those platforms in real life.

I will be blogging here as Victoria about the adventures, fantasies and dramas of Victoria's and everything else in her life— all the things that due to social stigma, I would avoid being publicly associated with when I am not Victoria.

Also, I decided to change the blog title from "Victoria's Diary" to "Victoria's Imaginarium" to imply to my readers that content on this blog is not necessarily real.

A little background: (Updated on 08/24/17)
Victoria considers herself bisexual, sapiosexual and demisexual.
Victoria is married to her Primary/Hubs whom she has been with since March 2011.
Victoria has been her Dominant's mistress/girlfriend/slave/pet since March 2015.
Victoria sometimes calls her Dom "Daddy" (as per DDLG, a sub-genre of BDSM).
Victoria has had discreet sex in many public places with her Hubs and Dom.
Victoria has a close bisexual female fwb-turned-bff, Nymph, whom she has known since 2014.
Victoria has gone on dates with >10 people she got to know from dating apps.
Victoria has participated in several orgies, a swingers' party, and a few kink events.
Victoria has slept with straight cis men, bisexual cis women, a straight cis woman and a queer.
Victoria has a relatively low body count among non-vanilla people because she is selective as fuck.
Victoria is almost exclusively sexually attracted to Asians and half Asians when it comes to men.

Victoria is racy, devious, mischievous ;)

Welcome to Victoria's Imaginarium!

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