Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just another weekend

Saturday: Met up with colleagues for tea at 2PM; had them over at my place to play RISK from 3-6PM; dined out with Primary; went to the lab to work and had Dom pick me up to Harry's place. We talked about going downtown to grab a drink and woo some chicks, but couldn't decided on a bar and wasn't very motivated to move our asses anyway, so we ended up watching The Entire History of You from the Black Mirror series. Dom couldn't keep his hands off me the whole time, although he had just fulfilled his monthly fuck duty to his wife earlier today. He had me sit on his lap and whispered into my ears that we should leave early and go back to my place to fuck, while his fingers were underneath my bra playing with my nipples. It didn't happened though, because Dom somehow got into a long, heated discussion about the history of Chinese politics with Harry after the show ended, and wouldn't leave until we finally ran out of time. Bummer.

Sunday: Went to watch Deadpool at the movie theater with Primary, Cousin and his girlfriend; had lunch together; went grocery shopping at Asian store; stopped by the lab to feed the cells.

I was pretty occupied this weekend, yet Sunday blues still hit me. I told Primary about it. He said he could relate, and came to the conclusion that, Sunday blues has less to do with our productivity over the weekend, but rather, whether we managed to do things we wanted to do and would enjoy doing but weren't able to do during the weekdays.

Sounds legit. I didn't enjoy most of the things I did this weekend. Admittedly, having to spend part of my precious weekend socializing with my colleagues was the least enjoyable. I much prefer to exchange thoughts about the universe, life, death, religion, sex, relationship etc, all the things that connect people on a deeper, personal level, not meaningless small talks over boring board games! Needless to say, I also wasn't thrilled about having to work at the lab during the weekend. I didn't enjoy Deadpool very much either... it wasn't bad, but it's not worth watching in the movie theater.

Why do I feel like I am drowning in chores, routine and mediocrity? Can't I be more grateful? Ugh.

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