Tuesday, March 8, 2016

1st anniversary with Dom

The initial plan was to dine out and have a postponed celebration of our first anniversary tomorrow, perhaps get kinky at the airport we first met, but Dom got informed that he likely has to work overtime everyday this week, so he decided impromptu that he would come spend time with me after work today. So I took off early to take a shower, groom myself and vacuum the bedroom (Dom is allergic to pets). By the time Dom arrived, I was already quite hungry— the aroma of McDonald's fillet-o-fish sandwiches he brought further heightened my hunger, despite him pinning me down in bed.

"Can I eat first? I'm so hungry."
"No," his lips reached for my nipples.
I gasped. "Please? Let me quickly grab a few bites." 
"Fillet-o-fish or my dick," he unhooked my bra, "choose one."
"—what the fuck?"

Seemingly insulted by my choice, his fingers slipped inside my panty to toy with my clit ruthlessly, and I couldn't feel hunger in the stomach anymore. "Daddy..." I let out a helpless cry. He shoved it in mercilessly, and my mind went blank as he started thrusting hard. He came sooner than usual.

"I didn't make you come 15 times today because I didn't want you to be starving, my little slut."
"I was starving," I mumbled, munching my sandwich, "but you didn't have to rush."
"Yeah right, after you chose fillet-o-fish over my dick..."
"I was very hungry when you asked! You could have let me eat first!"
"No more fillet-o-fish for you after today. I am not bringing you McDonald's anymore..."
"Hey! That's unfair!"
"I lost to a sandwich... what the fuck..." he acted hurt.
"Shh," I gave him a kiss.

Spending time with Dom is pure bliss. We laugh so much when we're together. I feel so blessed and accomplished thinking about how we started our relationship a year ago and how far we've come.

In fact, Dom and I already crossed paths in late 2014. Dom approached me on WeChat the same night I created an account and turned on the 'People Nearby' feature. We texted the whole night; I uninstalled the app and disappeared the next day. He came across my profile again on OkCupid several months later, when I was trying to get over a fling and at the same time planning to go on a dating rampage to survive the upcoming 5 months of Primary's absence. We texted for almost a month and found many things in common that we don't have with our primary partners.

The first time we finally met in real life was a Thursday night, when he picked me up at the airport after I sent Primary off. We had dinner, went back to my place, fucked so hard my pussy and tailbone hurt for 2 days. The next 2 days, I went out with 2 other guys from OkC. Both times I texted him where I was meeting with whom, and he would check on me after 2 hours to see if I was safe and sound. On Saturday night, we went out for a drink, and he introduced me to his best friend in town, Harry. We fucked again later that night.

The next day, I went out with yet another guy from OkC for brunch and awkwardly ended up having sex at my place. Right after that guy left, I texted Dom about what happened, and ranted to him how I wanted to bang my head on the wall. That night, Dom confessed to me that he got very jealous, and asked me to be exclusive with him before Primary is back.

Next thing I know, we were moving fast. Things were rocky in the beginning, because we both freaked out realizing how attached we've gotten and didn't know what to do. We tried to slow things down, distance each other, but couldn't stay away. We wanted it to work, so we make it work.

The rest is history, and I'm confident that we will continue to make more, because I'm determined. :)

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