Sunday, March 6, 2016

A fulfilling weekend

Dom asked to see my new tattoos the moment I got into his car. We talked on the phone yesterday right before I got them, and texted the whole night after I got home. I had been talking about getting new tattoos for months, and Dom had been discouraging me with the kind of lecture you can expect from your conservative parents. Last night, he commented that $250 for 5 tattoos is expensive— excuse me? Tattoos are permanent body art, self-repressive decoration I get to carry with me every-fucking-where I go, yet regular people scoff at spending over a hundred for a medium-sized tattoo. Do these ignorant folks have any idea how much practice it takes to skillfully inject ink into human skin? That scarring and smearing are prone to occur if not done precisely right? And the cost of sterile equipment and materials used to prevent infection? Compare all these to spending hundreds on perishable branded stuff. Pfft. In fact, $250 is already discounted (because I got them at once).

Dom doesn't object to my plan to get an upper-back + script down the spine tattoo though— said it would look very sexy on me, especially when he fucks me from behind. He also jokingly said that I should get "Daddy's little slut" inked on my butt where he spanks the most. Primary jokingly said he would buy me a giraffe if I get his face tattooed on me. Boys -_-

After brunch, Dom took me grocery shopping, then promptly decided to visit a nearby store that sells guns and rifles. It was my first time seeing real guns and rifles. Dom has been thinking about buying a revolver since months ago, but couldn't justify spending hundreds on something he wishes to never use. I did my part as a caring mistress to remind him that the woman he lives with can be hysterical at times, and dissuaded him from bringing home a weapon she can have access to. For my own safety too hahahaha. There were many taxidermied animals in the store that I absolutely adore, especially the foxes! Too bad it didn't occur to me to take some photos :\

Around evening, Dom wanted to pick me up to gym with him, but I was taking a nap and missed his phone call. I already went to gym after I finished my lab work anyway. I like it when Dom is clingy and takes the initiative to spend more time with me. :)

I just started watching Breaking Bad with Primary a few days ago, and I laughed so much while watching this show! I usually don't find things Primary laughs at funny, and Primary wasn't even laughing at any scene I laughed so hard at. I think I have a sick sense of humor...

Oh yeah, Primary was absolutely right about why Sunday blues occurs: this weekend, I managed to do things I didn't get to do during weekdays, and Sunday blues didn't hit me today!

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