Thursday, March 3, 2016

Carnal pleasure

Did I ever mention sex with Dom? I never knew it was humanly possible to climax so many times consecutively until I met Dom. The way he dominates, intimidates and humiliates me in bed drives me nuts. The spanking, biting, whipping, flogging, role-playing... We barely ever "make love"; we fuck, furiously. Even without all the pain-inducing and shaming, sex with Dom never feels vanilla, because he fucks me so rough, so intensely each and every time.

And then there's something about his dick I can't pinpoint... his dick just happens to be very compatible with my vagina it hits and rubs on my G-spot all the time. Plus, he is such a looker. Oh that face. Oh that body. I can never get enough!

Sex with Dom today was a new record: I had at least 15 orgasms within... 20 minutes of copulation? Or was it 30 minutes? Well, I don't even know what was to be counted as one orgasm anymore after the 5th... My mind was in ecstasy state, my whole body trembling like a leaf. I was literally seeing stars, gasping for oxygen, and begging Dom to stop, because I felt like I was about to pass out. When Dom was finally done with me, I really did pass out for minutes, in the position he left me. He went to the bathroom to dry himself (he sweated like a cow), then came back and gently wiped me clean. My down there was so sensitive after the abuse, him touching her made me flinch. When we went out to grab dinner, my legs were still shaking. I had to hold on to Dom's arm as I walked. Dom was gloating and smirking the whole night—

Dom wanted to come over yesterday, but I told him to do tonight instead, because Primary wouldn't be home. We're usually slightly more reserved and quieter when Primary is around, and we hadn't had complete privacy for a few weeks. Seems like it's worth the wait. :P I opened the door for Dom half naked (unintentionally, I was changing when he arrived), then stripped off everything lying in bed while waiting for him to take off his winter gears. Dom was already fully erect when he came into the bedroom. I love the urgency of lust, it awakens the beasts in us. ;)

Dom is as crazy for me as I am for him. He even tried to replicate our sex with his wife; predictably, it didn't work out, because she is not as slim, as flexible, as kinky as his young mistress. :P

I am so sore, yet I can't help touching myself while writing this. I am addicted.

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