Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ego at play

I jolted awake today. I dreamed that Dom wanted to break up with me because his wife got pregnant. I started having this fear after Dom told me his father is pestering him with his "vision" that Dom will give him a grandchild this year. Amazing how my dream coincides with real life: she should start menstruating around this time this month, but I haven't heard whether she does. I'm worried. She is not on contraceptive and they had partially unprotected sex during her ovulation window last month. I've been telling Dom that precum alone can result in pregnancy— slim chance, but still possible. Dom dismissed my concern and said his precum has never knocked anyone up. Ughh. Baboon.

I expressed my anxiety in our phone conversation. Big mistake.

"Can you let me know once you find out whether your wife gets her period?"
"What the heck? How is it a concern of yours?"
"How is it not??? Don't I have the right to know whether the man I am in a relationship with is going to become a father?!"
"But I don't know whether she has gotten her period!"
"Find out!"
"How? Suddenly asking about it will be weird, I never cared!"

Fine. None of my fucking business, I see. What is the point lingering on this topic with a baboon that can't see why it concerns me? Or don't think it should?

Right. It shouldn't. I shouldn't even take his words in the first place. Remember how he acted anti-marriage all along, and then later admitted that he has already been married 3 years? How can I be so gullible and assume that his anti-children attitude is not just an act?

Know your place, Victoria. It's time to watch how much emotional attachment you're investing again. After all, like Primary said, the one who cares less wins the game.

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