Saturday, March 5, 2016

New tattoos

Primary has finally gotten an idea for his first tattoo— he wants something that resembles the comet birthmark in Cloud Atlas. I told him it'd look hideous, and showed him some colorful alternatives found on the internet. He had no plans for today, so I suggested to go to a tattoo parlor for consultation. Initially, we planned to go to the one near our place, where there's an artist specialized in watercolor style who did Nymph's cover-up rib tattoo. Then I thought to myself: why not just get the tattoo ideas I've been thinking about for a long time to be inked on me already? 

I decided to go back to the artist who did my all existing tattoos, because I wanted to do lettering, simple lines and solid black, and it's hard to find an artist who can do them right. Ended up Primary needed more time to put in more thoughts about his first, whereas I got 5 new ones!

Primary spent a lot of time with me today. He visited my workplace for the first time, and waited for 2 hours while I worked. Dom fucked me at the lab once a few months back; too bad my boss was around today, otherwise I would have done it with Primary. We went to the dining hall of a nearby dorm for late lunch, then headed to the tattoo parlor, where he waited for another 2 hours. I always feel guilty when someone tags along but can't participate much, because I really don't like to waste their time and leave them bored, but Primary insisted that he didn't mind. At times, he would observe me, take photos of me, entertain me with quirky comments and random remarks. Made my day :)

Update 3/11/16: I made a typing error in the quote which was in my blind spot until today. No one pointed it out to me earlier either... did no one notice? Luckily due to the nature of the font I used, it is correctable, but Billy is fully booked until early April so I will have to bear with it till then!

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