Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sweeney Todd

Today Dom went to the hairdresser whom Primary and Cousin recommended. The hair cut took nearly an hour, because the hairdresser couldn't stop talking even though Dom didn't engage. I suppose 45 minutes wasn't too bad compared to 90 minutes the last time Cousin went. Despite the hairdresser doing a good job, Dom got very traumatized, and couldn't stop cursing the whole way from the hair salon to dinner. Dom was convinced that there was something wrong with the hairdresser. He claimed that the hairdresser had trembling hands and was abusing his scalp with repeated, rough combing. 5 minutes after being seated, Dom still looked mortified and swore to never go back to the hair salon no matter how much talent is in that hairdresser. Oh my. I laughed so hard!

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