Friday, August 12, 2016


My heart has been weighing a thousand tons since a few days ago, kudos to the ones I have the closest blood ties with. Well, at least now I have come to realize that the seemingly dull and boringly stable past few months were in fact a blessing. Truly. I yearn for nothing more at this stage of my life.

Reaching a certain milestone does make you reflect on the past and how far you've come. I never imagined myself to ever be married, let alone within a month after I turned 25. But considering how marriage no longer carries the same connotation to me like it used to, it's not really that surprising after all. 

I think with age, I have grown to be even more binary than ever when it comes to whom to be cut out of my life. And I do so without guilt.

Like chopping off a rotten limb: it hurts like hell physically and emotionally, but getting rid of it is more practical in the long run. Even if it used to be a functional part of your body, unless you can stop the rotting and start the healing, eventually you will have to remove it regardless of how much you are able to bear the agonizing pain— it's only a matter of time.

Call me aloof, but I don't see why I should compromise my happiness.

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