Tuesday, January 31, 2017


As most of you know, I have a 7-year-old blog which has gathered a considerable readership (mainly among people who have met me in real life, eg. hometown peeps I went to school with, college friends, and friends of these people). I rarely post photo-heavy, regular/normal/boring updates on that blog anymore, and recently I was asked by some who used to follow that blog whether I intend to keep that site alive. Obviously they were only asking to fill a gap in our conversation and hadn't been reading that blog for a while, since I posted there that I'd be writing here, even included an hyperlink (which I just removed today). I responded that I've been writing verbose shits somewhere else with more privacy, and to my relief none of them followed up on this topic, except one who went, "Ah right. I remember stumbling upon somewhere... darker."

Darker? I was bemused. Erotic maybe, but dark? When I think of this blog what popped up in mind was a pink background and in-your-face Lolita (the book, not the Japanese fashion) vibe. Dark? I hadn't even had the chance/time to write about things 50 shades darker than what I've already posted here. *chuckle*

But I am going to, which was why I removed the link to this blog on the old blog. I don't mind if people eventually find out about this blog, I just don't want to make it too easy. Because if you aren't that close to me, reading my stories here would only lead to the same question: how much of all these is fictional?

Of course I am going to tailor my answer depending on how judgmental, close-minded I think you are, even though every bit of it is real, realer than real in the carefully designed architecture I present them in words for you to perceive in ways I want them to be perceived.

I want to post more frequently, so I will try to write lighter, bite-sized pieces when I don't have a big chunk of time to sit down and indulge.

And I might put up the link to this blog somewhere, whenever I feel more comfortable doing so.

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