Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dress to impress

Dom and I weren't planning to fuck today. I went to meet him at a bar near his workplace, we had a drink, and then he took me grocery shopping. I was wearing the new black leather jacket Dom got me last week (64°F in February is pretty rare), white turtleneck sleeveless sweater, black pants and black ankle boots. Dom couldn't stop giving me sneaky spanks in the mall, and kept telling me how sexy I looked. Then he finger-fucked me in the car while driving me home. 

As Dom pulled over at my apartment, he looked at the time and went, "Huh. It's only 7pm..."
"... plenty of time for a quick fuck?"
"You read my mind babe."

Dom helped me carry the groceries upstairs, said a quick hi to Hubs and started undressing me in bed. He didn't even care that one of the cats was still under the bed and refused to gtfo.

"Eh? So wet today..."
"Because you kept rubbing on my clit in the car..."
"You came in 2 minutes," he chuckled, and penetrated me hard, "how about Daddy makes you come 10 more times?"

You know, cheaters wouldn't want to be spotted hanging out with their mistresses, so I usually dress down and cover up when I go out with Dom during the day to avoid attention. I've been getting more compliments from Dom lately, so I guess I've slowly come to master the skills of incorporating subtle touch of sexiness into basic outfits. And I love it when the way I dress unexpectedly turned him on ;)

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