Wednesday, February 8, 2017


It's been exactly 2 years since I first and last saw Salmon, my first hook-up. 

I met Salmon when I was in Texas for a recruiting weekend. He easily caught my attention as the better looking one of the only two Asian guys in the group (the other one was a fob). If you don't already know, I have a thing for guys with ear piercing(s)— and he was wearing flashy ear studs. He and his assigned roommate sat at the table next to mine when we were having breakfast at the hotel. I didn't even try to make eye contact. I was sleep-deprived and stressed, sitting by myself doing last-minute preparations for the interviews. Throughout the day we bumped into each other a few times in the building, but I wandered off to avoid having to strike up a conversation. 

Later that night, we went to a faculty member's house for dinner. He went around socializing with almost everyone after having a few bottles of beer and we finally broke the ice. I was planning to go back to the hotel and crashed, but changed my mind when I overheard him saying he'd be joining the bar-hopping tour. At the bar, we ended up sitting next to each other and talking almost the whole time. I told him about my background, how I worked my ass off to get to where I was, that my life was full of uncertainties at the moment; he told me that he used to be a drug dealer, how he pierced his own ears and wore those studs for identification, that he's a skater and breakdancer etc. We got quite buzzed at the end of the night and headed back to the hotel in the same cab. I got off the elevator without inviting him over and immediately regretted it. I went upstairs hoping to bump into him (I remembered the floor number he pressed), but sadly it was of no avail.

I headed back to my room, called Hubs, explained the situation and asked if Hubs would be okay with it if I were to hook up with Salmon. Hubs gave the green light and told me I was an idiot for not mentioning to Salmon that I didn't have a roommate. After the 20-minute phone call with Hubs ended, I saw a few texts from a strange number— apparently Salmon looked up my number from the list of interviewees, tried to call me but couldn't get through. I called back a few times but he didn't pick up.

The next day, I woke up to texts from Salmon explaining that he already passed out last night when I called. We went to breakfast together. I was in an oversized sweatshirt; he was in a tank top that barely covered up anything despite the air conditioning (read: showing off his muscles). When we're done with breakfast, it was an hour away from check-out. He went back to his room to pack, and then came over.

I didn't want to initiate things because I wasn't sure if he's up for it (he had a girlfriend). Time ticked away as we chatted... me in bed under the blanket, him on the chair at my bedside. 30 minutes away from check-out, I was ready to give up hope when he went,

"I dreamed about you last night. There was a cat in the dream."

"What were we doing in your dream?"

He sighed, "I'm not sure if I should tell you."

"You know, we might not see each other again anyway."

We locked eyes. After a brief moment of silence he went, "I'll show you." 

I could hear his heavy breathing as he was on top of me kissing me, my fingers trembling while trying to unbutton his shirt. I let out a moan when his lips reached for my nipple. In no time, we were both naked, our eyes gazing at each other's body with lust, his hand pleasuring my sweet spot.

"You're so wet."

"Lie down. Let me please you."

I climbed on top of him. We both gasped. He grabbed my breasts as I rode him, and soon he got impatient and flipped me over. "Let me."

5 minutes away from check-out time, he made his final thrusts and ejaculated on me. We got dressed in a rush and met with the rest of the group at the lobby. We spent the next few hours at the Science Museum, then a few more hours at a bar at the airport. He hugged me so tight when we said our goodbyes, "I will never forget you."

I smiled, "You bet."

On the way back home from the airport, with Hubs sitting next to me in the cab, I received a text from Salmon: "I can't stop thinking about you."

There are more to the story, but that's for another day. Fast forward to yesterday: he actually scroll all the way down to press "like" for the photo of the hotel room we fucked in 2 years ago that I posted on my Instagram. Thanks for the reminder.

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