Saturday, February 18, 2017


As time goes by, despite my effort to spice things up, my relationship with Dom becomes less sexual more stable, just like how most long-terms relationships progress. When I first noticed the switch of Dom's interest in activities with me (namely the transition from a lot of intercourse to more outdoor dates), I had my suspicions. We used to fuck twice, occasionally thrice a week in the first 6 months; then once, occasionally twice a week the next 12 months; now once, occasionally none a week. I think I've come to accept that it is inevitable that lust lessens as love deepens... no matter how hard I fight it. I feel like I have ranted about this before... haven't I? Maybe I'm complaining because Dom and I didn't fuck this week. I probably shouldn't be keeping score like this.

Dom took me to dinner and shopping for new clothes on Wednesday for Valentine's. Dom spends money on me, but mostly on meals and trips, rarely on materials. This was the first time he took me on a shopping trip solely to buy new clothes for me. It's like playing Barbie. He suggested fucking in the fitting room but chickened out because we were seen heading into the fitting room together by the bbw heading into the room next to ours -_-

Maybe Dom is getting less into kink the older he gets... or the older our relationship gets. Ughhhhh. 

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