Thursday, March 16, 2017

The start of something new

I'm talking to someone new.

Funny. He added me because I turned on the "People Nearby" feature on WeChat. I turned on the "People Nearby" feature on Wechat because I wanted to see if Dom turned it on. Dom is finally not preparing for any exam anymore (he was for the past 1.5 year), and I figured he'd be hunting with so much free time on hand. I saw this really cute chick and I wondered if Dom already hit on her. I ended up informing both Hubs and Dom so they could say hello to her... I'd rather be kept in the loop.

I forgot to turn off the app and the next day, I saw this cute guy among all the greetings I received. He's from the country Dom is originally from. I accepted his friend request.

Dom came over drunk on Friday night after drinking rounds with his colleagues at the bar and at the strip club. I asked to go through his phone with the excuse that I wanna know whether that chick accepted his friend request. Not that I expected Dom to crack under the influence of alcohol, but I had him go through his entire WeChat contact list with me anyway, to refresh my memory on which one he'd talked to/gone out with/fucked. I also went through his other messaging apps while he was too buzzed to question my intentions. Of course I didn't discover anything, but I was relieved when I made sure that the new guy wasn't in Dom's contact list. The last thing I want is to cheat on Dom with someone he knows and have Dom find out through the guy.

Dom was so drunk he ended up sleeping on my bed for an hour before I woke him up. He was too drunk and sleepy to drive, but I had to get him to go home to his wife. We barely interacted that night. I was fine with it since I got the information I wanted, but I don't think I would want it to happen again. It's pointless coming over when he's not even coherent; I'd rather he just goes home straight.

As I was texting this new guy, I realized that I have seen him before on the campus bus weeks ago. He was standing right next to my seat, and I remembered noticing him: not my preference of height, but with that pretty face + style, I'd love to fuck him. I took a quick glance of his building access card clipped onto his belt loop, where I got to know his name and that he worked at the same building where I go to class this semester. And I just noticed that this new guy I was texting has a Wechat ID that matched the name I saw on that card! Holy shit.

I met up with him briefly after my class at his building. There was a slight tremble in his voice when we were talking— happened to half of the guys I went out with in fact, and usually in the beginning of the conversation, way before I could come off all confident, alpha and intimidating, so I'm guessing it's because I'm more attractive than they expected? *laugh*

I dined out with Dom yesterday for his birthday (early celebration). He sent me home afterwards and stopped by for a while. We didn't fuck, but I couldn't care less now that I'm opening myself to other options again. Hubs felt bad for Dom, but he could see why I need to do this. Simply put, for the sake of my relationship with Dom, I have to make sure my ego doesn't find ways to be unhappy. His, too. 

Some relationships can't survive without secrets, so there's no need to complicate things.

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